Thursday, December 30, 2010

Upgrade of Laptop HP Pavilion tx2500

Just to let know the guys like me that official documentation and consultants in computer stores lie :)

They all say that the laptop supports only up to 4GB of RAM as a total maximum (up to 2GB per slot). Anyway this is bullshit.

Also you can find in internet that you laptop is not compatible with SATA II and supports up to 320GB hard-drives. At least consultant will try to make you sure that 750GB hard disk is too large for your laptop and it will not fit it by dimensions, he will say that maximum you can try is 640GB. Well probably I was just lucky to find a compact 750GB hard drive by Seagate that has the same height as my old 160GB hard disk.

Anyway I have successfully upgraded my HP Pavilion tx2500 2GB RAM, 160GB 5200 RPM to 8GB RAM (Corsair PC6400), 750GB (Seagate ST9750420AS 7200 RPM).


I was worried about the warming of large and fast hard drive but it warms not worse than the small did.


Now my laptop works really fast. No hanging up for 10 seconds opening “My computer”. I’m really happy with this upgrade.


  1. thanks a lot!
    now i'm also have hp tx2500 with 8Gb of ram!
    My modules Patriot PSD24G8002S x2

  2. It's usually the disk transfer rate which kills the overall grade. The only way I know to boost it is to have a SSD for you system drive.

  3. Agree. Upgrade above significantly increased the performance due to higher RPM of hard drive as well as amount of RAM, which allows Win7 to use hard drive that often for caching as it did with 2GB of RAM.

    The main goal of the post however was to demonstrate that official specification limits are not actual - you can get more from this laptop.

  4. Hi Philipp,

    Thanks very much for your post. I would like to try upgrading my HP Pavilion with the parts you've suggested. Question for you - did you use a Corsair 8GB twin pack (2x4GB) or is there a single 8GB available out there somewhere? Having difficulty finding it on the web... Could you provide a link if possible? Thx!

  5. I have the HP Pavilion tx2500 kd480av - Can I still upgrade and if so - SPECIFICALLY - what will I need? Everything is original (32-bit, 141gb-HD, 2gb RAM and Vista Home Premium) but at this point but it is so slow I'm ready to smash it! LOL

    1. I have a TX2500 still running with win8 64 bits, 8GB of ram and 250 GB SSD samsumg pro.
      It takes 14 seconds to login im win8. Still is a bit warm, but not red hot as before and the systems really responds great!.

  6. Can anyone please, write the part number of the 4gb module for the tx2500

    Thank you

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