⭐ About me

Hello World,

👋 I'm Phil and welcome to my homepage. Some facts about me:
  • I've been engineering software starting from 2003. Please see my resume.
  • With my experience, I'd be more interested in leadership positions rather than IC roles, unless the project aligns with my fields of my interest
  • Most of my career I was in Microsoft stack, but last several years I'm working mainly with opensource and I it.
  • As a Full Stack Engineer and I like pushing my skills in all directions: front end, back end and databases. Though I have a bit more passion for the front end.
  • I prefer to work on web apps (ideally high traffic and distributed), but I did a lot of desktop apps (WPF, WinForms) and some mobile apps. My strongest tech skills at the moment are Javascript, Typescipt, React, NodeJS, AWS, .NET C#, ASP.NET, SQL, but I'd love to master something new, like Golang, C++, Java, Python etc...
  • I love learning new stuff (not limited to software development or even tech). I get bored if I don't do it.
  • I have experience in project management (Agile, Scrum), using and customizing different tools and platforms (Jira, Ms Project, Team Foundation Server,...).
  • I live in Leonia, NJ. I can work remotely or in office if it's located in New York City, Jersey City, maybe Connecticut
  • Sometimes I post my profession-related ideas here in the blog (not too often unfortunately).
  • I have the following fields of interest:
    Startups & co-founding & entrepreneurship & impact & market fit. Especially in B2C, especially Products or SAAS, something that built once and impacts *llions of users
    Machine learning, AI, Tensorflow, ChatGPT, LLMs
    Leadership & team-work & management & lead positions (Architect, Tech Lead, Head of engineering, CTO)
    Distributed systems, high traffic customer facing web/mobile apps
    Financial industry - HFT, algorithmic trading, risk management, quantitative development, options trading
    Real estate, property management, construction (I'm part-time Board Member and Treasurer in a HOA)